• Golden Maple Syrup - Delicate Taste

    Golden maple syrup with a delicate taste

    Golden, delicate taste. Ideal to use in cocktails and dressings, or to sweeten your fruit salads or yogurt.

  • Amber Maple Syrup - Rich Taste

    Amber maple syrup with a rich taste

    Amber, rich taste. A favorite on pancakes and French toast, in coffee or a smoothie. It can also be used to flavor icing.


  • Dark Maple Syrup - Robust Taste

    Dark maple syrup with a robust taste

    Robust taste. It is very popular in cooking: it is used as much to glaze scallops as to add flavor to oatmeal.

  • Dark Maple Syrup - Robust Taste

    Very dark maple syrup with a strong taste

    Strong taste. Its flavor is reminiscent of maple
    taffy. It is added to our marinades for delicious grilled meats and
    tasty smoked fish.


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