Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

Did You Know?

Maple syrup plays a key role in your health, containing 54 compounds playing a key role in human health, maple syrup is not just a sugary pleasure; it’s a healthy sweetener, according to University of Rhode Island researcher Navindra Seeram.

These 54 valuable compounds found in pure Canadian maple syrup, of which 5 had never been found in natural surroundings, were presented to scientists from around the world at the 241st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, California.

A Healthy Sweetener

Maple syrup is a completely natural product, full of minerals and plant proteins, with no additives.

It contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to fight cancer, diabetes and bacterial illness. 

If any, there are few natural sweeteners that contain such healthy mix of ingredients most commonly found in berries, tea, and flaxseed.

Much research is currently underway to determine the benefits of this natural sweetener and flavour enhancing product to human health.

A Sweet Alternative for Diabetics

Canadian maple syrup, contains two carbohydrate-hydrolyzing enzymes which are significant in the management of type 2 diabetes.

There may be hope yet for diabetics with a sweet tooth. Who would have thought; a sweetener to help in the fight of diabetes?

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