The History of Our Operation

Family Owned

Cassburn Sweets is a maple syrup producer, family owned and operated by the Lamoureux family since 2001.

Michel and Nicolas are responsible for operations on the farm, including production and maintenance.

Lucie and Sabrina are responsible for the administrative operations, including accounting, inventory and website management.

However, since it's family owned, we all dip our toes into a little bit of everything, especially during prime season!

Michel’s passion for maple syrup was ignited in 1996 when he helped out a friend and local producer with his operation. 

In the early days on the Farm, the maple sap was collected using buckets. Beginning with 100 buckets, we expanded to 200 buckets in the first season. We expanded again at the onset of the second season to 400 buckets.

At this point we were still trucking sap and boiling it elsewhere. It was not long before we knew we wanted to have our very own maple syrup operation.

Our plans were delayed as a result of the Great Ice Storm of 1998, however, in 1999, We installed our first 150 gravity pipeline taps and by 2001, construction of the Cassburn Sweets ‘sugar shack’ was completed.

The Sugar Shack was upgraded significantly in 2005 and 2013 with the addition of our processing rooms.

By taking advantage of advancements in technology, like modernizing our Reverse Osmosis (RO) equipment and upgrading our evaporator, we have grown our tap count and reduced our consumption of wood fuel. The introduction of High Vacuum systems and Monitoring systems has allowed us to increase our production yields while reducing our energy consumption.

We also welcome regular visitors to our operation to provide educational tours, which happens most regularly during the production season throughout March and April.

Cassburn Sweets is proud to be Certified Organic by ECOCERT.

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